Perfume Calculator ∞

To use the calculator:
1. Input Component name
2. Input amount in grams of component
3. To specify the dilution wanted enter the amount wanted in the final product

The first calculator will calculate the % of the component in the formula and the dilution calculator will allow to cross check with the IFRA guidelines if applicable. For personal use, this is not applicable.

The second calculator will allow for dilutions based on  the total amount in grams required of a fragrance.

Some essential oils have the potential for irritation. TEST your fragrance for tolerance, dilute if necessary or discontinue use.

Overwrite the examples and the weight in grams with your materials and weights and the calculations will be done for you.

Creating a Signature Scent, is both extremely satisfying and an enjoyable exercise. An excellent location to learn more about the Art of Perfume making is the Pell Wall  Perfume BlogWhether one wishes to work with Essential Oils, Synthetics or both, Mr. Bartlett generously shares his knowledge and experience.

Allergen Calculator and
 Miscellaneous information. 
* Use at your own risk. Cross check with IFRA. 
Credit for compiling the extensive list is to Chris Bartlett of Pell Wall Perfumes.