Tuesday, May 22, 2012

AA2G Serum

AA2G Serum:  AA2G is the stable C form which allows for a great deal of flexibility when formulating. It is proven in clinical trials to be effective antioxidant as well as up regulate collagen production.  Proline is included as it has been shown to be an effective quencher of photoexcited states ( QPES.)  L carnosine, is the most effective anti glycation active. The serum is elegant, light and silky. Ideal for day time wear under a sunscreen.

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Ingredients Percentage
AA2G 2 %
Alpha Lipoic Acid 1%
Oil of preference 10 %
L-Proline 1%
L- Carnosine 1 %
Sclerotium gum 2 %
Vitamin E oil or acetate 1 %
Glycerin 2 %
Distilled water 76 %
Ferulic acid 0.5 %
1N NaOH 2 %
Phenoxyethanol 0.5 %
Adjustments 1 %

         pH 5.5

        1. AA2G into solution
        2. Ferulic acid into solution using 1N NaOH add to AA2G adjust pH to @ 5.5
        3. Proline, Carnosine, Vit E acetate. Blend.
        4. Sclerotium gum, blend. Will thicken.
        5.While blending slowly add ALA to oil at room temp.
        6.Combine oil and water phase + phenoxy.
        7. Leave over night, next day will be a thick gel and spreads like silk.

    *n.b. AA2G  is very acidic in solution. Adding small amounts of solid NaOH into the solution and testing is more effective,.mix a 3 to 4 N NaOH solution.