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Enter in the name of the oils/ butters and respective HLB. Include the % of the oil you will use in the total formula. The calculator will calculate the HLB based on the amounts present. There after, you can choose the emulsifier/ surfactant based on the HLB around the target HLB. A more stable system may be created utilizing more than one emulsifier around the target and that is also readily calculated with the second calculator. You choose the batch size and the corresponding amounts will be generated.

The second calculator may also be used to create your own emulsifiers. Set the % emulsifier to 100% and change the batch size accordingly.
Please note:
1. The first calculator will give you the HLB of your oil blend.
2. a. The HLB value is carried over into the 2nd calculator, you cannot change the HLB value, but you can cheat and change the values in the first calculator.
2. b. The HLB calculator uses only two emulsifiers. At this point you choose the2  emulsifiers that meet your requirements as well as the batch size which will then calculate the amount you will need of each emulsifier.
3. The Multiple Emulsifier Calculator carries the HLB value from the HLB calculator and the Batch Size and the % amt of emulsifier you choose to use into the Multiple Emulsifier(ME) calculator. Those values can be changed in the ME Calculator.

My thanks to Perry Romanowski for the impetus behind creating these calculators.

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