Solubility Chart ∞

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The following chart gives the most common and useful solvents for DIY as well as pH and % use. Use the least amount of solvent and adjust for that component in your formula. See notes below chart on solvent preparation.


1 N NaOH= 0.39 grams NaOH dissolvd in 10 grams distilled water.

A useful solvent and pH adjustor. Use caution when working with NaOH, it is caustic. Simply washing with running water should you splash on self is generally sufficient unless you have an open wound. Use common sense. Do Not get the solution in your eyes! Use a pH meter to test the pH and use citric acid to lower pH.

1 M Citric Acid= 1.92 grams Citric acid dissolved in 10 grams distilled water
 Citric acid + NaOH -->; Sodium citrate + water