Soap Calculator∞

Natural soaps are composed of NaOH, KOH, Oils / Butters and water. Using KOH is used for hot process soap, creating liquid soaps. It is no more dangerous than is cold process. Use common sense as NaOH and KOH chemicals are caustic.

To use the calculator:
1) Select the oil or butter from the drop down list.
2) Select the corresponding SAP value from the second drop down list.
3) Choose the amount in grams of your oils or butters. The NaOH and KOH amount to saponify chosen quantity will be calculated and the % total of fats in your formula.

Below are the minimum and maximum H20 amounts required as well as the superfatting calculations. The calculator is based in Metric. At the end there is a conversion calculator for Metric to Imperial.

An excellent site for learning more about the soap making process is available here.