Percentage Calculator

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Not all actives have a high percentage of the active component. As a result you will need to calculate
amount you will require based on the known percentage. After you have that number you can than
input that number into the SEA Lab Online Calculator. 
Solubility Chart
Enter the percent active wanted and the percent present in the active you wish to calculate.  

X= the total amount you want in your serum or lotion
Y= the active present in the extract
Z= the Total % of the extract you will require to meet the % you want, which is the number you will use in SEA Lab Online Calculator.

i.e. You want a 15% Lactic acid lotion , but have 80% Lactic acid of the active in the source. In put the numbers in the Percentage calculator and you will get 18.75%.

Go to the Batch size calculator with 18.75% and decide the total batch size and the remaining 81.25 % of ingredients. All the math is done for you. 

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