Friday, December 2, 2011


SEA is committed to bringing you the finest extracts, skin care actives and the tools to make DIY skin care a successful endeavor. SEA was founded partly in reaction to the over pricing and hyped claims to the latest and greatest in skin care. Preying on the desire of so many to take control of their skin care issues, thousands of dollars are wasted on products that simply don't and could never work. The vast majority of products purchased do not contain anywhere near the levels of actives that are necessary to create the same results as those found in a clinical study. DIY skin care is quite simple and extremely effective. We hope you will  acquaint yourself with Smart Skin Care .

Cell biology, microbiology, biochemistry and advanced human physiology combined with the pleasure of experience in a marine lab can very readily be focused on one's most obvious asset. With the advances in science and technology, there have also been the pitfalls. As such, many are now turning to more natural ways of dealing with skin care issues and with a great deal more success. 

Each individual is unique with their own particular biochemistry. What may work well for one may not be as effective for another. It's a process of learning and experimenting. The infamous process of elimination in finding the actives that work best for you. SEA is meticulous in making available only proven extracts, vitamins for skin care and safe skin care ingredients. The focus at SEA is Natural DIY skin care.

None of our products have been tested on animals. That is not to say that the research we base the availability of actives on at SEA, was not done using animals. We do not and will not ever test on an animal. Family and friends are our guinea pigs and lab rats. We have a 100% survival rate. No casualties, tumors nor growths of any nature. 

At SEA we combine actives at clinical levels that will have a greater chance of  efficacy while not creating irritation. Our preference and choice is for "natural" products. We are well aware of the changing definition of natural. We have our own. Simplicity works well and allows for the creation of extremely effective and potent serums.